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 Want to be one of the staff's in the forum?

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PostSubject: Want to be one of the staff's in the forum?   Sat Dec 08, 2007 1:09 pm

If you wan't to become one of the staff's of the forum;

1. you must be willing to lean some time in the forum.

2. knows how to edit and delete posts

3. have posts that is 200+

4. acting a good model in the forum.

5. have sense of humor

6. active in the forum

7. a creative and approachable

8. a friend of mine and enjoy to be with......

You don't really need to complete those requirements, I'd just wanna inform you that being an active member a big help for the forum. Its ok if your being "pasaway" but it muzt be put in place. And also, Read the rules.... They are threads that isn't allowed to have an "OT" out of topic posts....
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Want to be one of the staff's in the forum?
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